Sunday, February 12, 2012

Motorcycle Motivation

Two posts in one day! You're thrilled, right? Unfortunately, neither of them have much for content. Just random thoughts.

Originally I started to exercise at the Rec Center because it was suggested by my employers. I don't mean that in a bad way. I should say, we are both exercising. The buddy system. And believe me --- I NEED to exercise! Then I remembered that I have a class reunion the first weekend in August. While knowing that I will never in a zillion years get back to the 95lbs. I weighed when I graduated, I could use to lose a few pounds.

Another point for motivation is that I want new jeans.

And then, this weekend, I bought a new Harley shirt. Motorcycle riding season comes long before the reunion. I'd love to look a little tighter and toner for biking season.

So, there you have it. Time to get SERIOUS about this weight loss! Anybody care to join me??


Sooooooo, I've been making valentine cards. i think I ended up with a dozen, in two different designs. No two exactly alike. And I put them in envelopes, sealed them, and addressed them.

And then I remembered that I hadn't taken any pictures. Grrrrr..........

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The People We Meet

My new job has introduced me to a new cast of characters. Most of them are men, simply because that's the nature of the business. In just a few short months, some have left a lasting impression, others just a memory.

I met a man who took a car to the Barrett Jackson car auction.
I met a man who dyed his hair orange because he knows he's not going to live much longer.
I met a man who was in the military and served in Germany. For many months he patroled on snow skis. He was a sniper.
I met a man who makes homemade ice cream. With the help of his wife, they create amazing flavors - and never use a recipe. It's rich and creamy and not like any homemade ice cream I've ever had.
I met a man who holds international titles in extreme fighting.
I met a man who gardens. He gave me a HUGE bag of jalepenos.
I met a woman who's heart is so big that she sends packages and cards to people she's thinking about nearly every day.
I met a woman who's learning about Jesus, for the first time.
I met a man who lived in his car in order to pay child support.
I met a man who has an uncanny resemblance to my dad. (My dad passed away in 1999.)
I met a man who is watching his father die.
I met a man who has full custody of his 4 children.
I met a man who makes delicious salsa. He makes enough to share.
I met a man who's speaking voice melts my heart.
I met a couple who still hold hands and drive themselves to the doctor. They've been married for 60+ years.

How lucky am I to have met these people. Some of them have shared their stories with me and some have not. I look forward to each and every one walking through the door.