Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving cards

Tis the season for Thanksgiving cards. (Not very good scans. Had to usea different program. Yuk.) Nothing fancy, but they were fun to make. I don't use the "coordinating" stuff very often, but I did use some products by Reminisce to speed up the process. I can't make a card without some embellishments. But look!! No ribbon!! It may be a first for me. I hope everyone enjoys the day with the ones they love.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Meeting the Paper Dolls

In October, I was finally able to attend my first "Marathon Crop" hosted at The Salvation Army in Cedar Rapids and sponsored by the Paper Dolls. My neice is a member of this fun group of women and her bff is the Chief Cook and Bottle Washer at the Salvation Army. This crafty group of "dolls" meets once a week, Jan. through Oct. The marathon started at 3:00 Friday afternoon and went until 10:00 Sat. night. Everyone brought whatever they wanted to work on and a snack to share. When I got there Sat. morning, some were still sleeping while others were already working.
I'm not very good at packing up my stuff to take somewhere. I hate the thought of leaving something behind, so my suv was pretty loaded with supplies. (I had to use a cart to get in the building! lol) My goal was to use whatever I brought with me to make cards for my nephew who is stationed in Afghanistan. I wish I had gotten more done, but I'm a stickler for detail and I slowed myself down fussing with trying to get just the right look. (I may have taken several breaks for conversation and snacks, too!!) Anyway, these are going in his care package box. The cards are blank or say "miss you" or "thank you". My intent is that he can use them to send letters back to the states. If he doesn't want to use them all himself, he is to share them with the other soldiers in his unit.
Did I mention how FABULOUS the food was??? Oh. My. Goodness. I'm going back again next year just for the food!!! And the gals were so welcoming, too! I didn't meet all of them, but most of them came up and talked to me or showed me what they were working on when I made a (nosy) lap around the room. The other gatherings are usually just held one Saturday a month. I will put these events on my calendar for next year.
Why didn't I go up on Friday, you might be wondering??? Well, it's because I had tickets to see country music star and American Idol contestant BUCKY COVINGTON!! That's right!! He was playing at The Stockyard in little ol' Wayland, IA, just 5 blocks from my house.
Yep! It was a good weekend!

No Mo' Mogo!

I must say that my first experience buying in to an organic garden was interesting and exciting. Sometimes the veggies spoiled before I had a chance to use them, so that was a bummer. But what it taught me is that this produce is so fresh, it must be used right away. Will I do it again?? Probably. Here are some photos from the last few baskets we got.