Thursday, February 9, 2012

The People We Meet

My new job has introduced me to a new cast of characters. Most of them are men, simply because that's the nature of the business. In just a few short months, some have left a lasting impression, others just a memory.

I met a man who took a car to the Barrett Jackson car auction.
I met a man who dyed his hair orange because he knows he's not going to live much longer.
I met a man who was in the military and served in Germany. For many months he patroled on snow skis. He was a sniper.
I met a man who makes homemade ice cream. With the help of his wife, they create amazing flavors - and never use a recipe. It's rich and creamy and not like any homemade ice cream I've ever had.
I met a man who holds international titles in extreme fighting.
I met a man who gardens. He gave me a HUGE bag of jalepenos.
I met a woman who's heart is so big that she sends packages and cards to people she's thinking about nearly every day.
I met a woman who's learning about Jesus, for the first time.
I met a man who lived in his car in order to pay child support.
I met a man who has an uncanny resemblance to my dad. (My dad passed away in 1999.)
I met a man who is watching his father die.
I met a man who has full custody of his 4 children.
I met a man who makes delicious salsa. He makes enough to share.
I met a man who's speaking voice melts my heart.
I met a couple who still hold hands and drive themselves to the doctor. They've been married for 60+ years.

How lucky am I to have met these people. Some of them have shared their stories with me and some have not. I look forward to each and every one walking through the door.


  1. What am awesome post! Life does have it's way of making things right - one door closes . . .
    You'll be truly blessed for taking the time to recognize the pleasure of meeting them.

  2. Love reading what you have a way with words! :0) Interesting lot of folks you've talked to!