Wednesday, October 14, 2009

AGE is just a number.........

I'm basking in the idea that someone thinks I'm 11 years younger than I really am. How cool is that?? One of the programs I do at the library requires me to work with someone from the local extention office. I love this gal. She's young, sweet, pretty, tall and thin -- basically everything I'm not. But I love her more for her determination and desire to be successful. Anyway, as we were waiting for a meeting to start, we started talking about exercise. She has started running. I said that I was trying to get back into my cardio-kickboxing class. (She was impressed that I did this, I might add.) I mentioned that when I was going to class regularly, I wasn't skinny, but I was in great shape. (Being "uncomfortable" after hiking up ALL of the stairs at Carver-Hawkey Arena last Sunday brought the reality of exactly how out of shape I really am. Ugh.) I went on to say that my cardiologist had made the comment that I was in better physical shape than most women my age, even in my condition. (That was quite a surprise to hear, let me tell you!!) This caused her to scrunch up her face and say, "Why would he say that? You're not old?" Really??? I asked her how old she thought I was - and to be honest. I promised her my feelings would not be hurt. She said 35? (See, isn't she the greatest???) After I told her how old I really was, she said she would have never guessed that because I didn't look it. Now, I 've never had a big hang-up about my age, so I always laugh when someone is that far off. I'm thankful that I am being well preserved for the time being, but fear for the future. I'm afraid that someday, someone will look at me and whisper to a friend or family member, "Oh my God!!!! Is that Susan????? She really aged quickly!!!! She didn't look that old last Thursday!!!" Now, if someone would just say, "Hey! You look taller!" Not going to happen. I'm going to be happy with whatever my age is. Age is, after all, just a number. I really believe that.

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  1. I love that gal too....and I don't even know her!!!