Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bras, Banners, and a Box

Now that I have your attention, I'd like to show you what I've been up to. Some of these projects I am more impressed with than others. The banners, for example, have been on my desk for months. Seriously. Remember when banners first started showing up in the trade magazines? That's when I started these. They've been sitting on my desk, just waiting for a little "something" to finish the look. I don't like the letters that I cut freehand (for some reason!) for the "create" banner. I do like the fall banner.

The cards featuring the bras all say "Thanks for your support." They are being sent to the people who have been standing by me, tirelessly, since my unemployment began. There are many more cards to make and people to thank. If you are one of those people, hang in there - your card is coming.

The box was made from a Parcheesi game board. My good friend, Tami, sent me the directions after finding them on the internet. I made one out of a Monopoly board, too, but it was a disaster. The board was too heavy and it just didn't go together very well. I glued a game piece to the front for part of the closure, but I haven't figured out the half of it yet. Suggestions welcome.

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  1. Susan, that is SO cool! Would you consider doing a tutorial on this?
    I found you on The Outlawz Follow Me forum and I am a new follower. Please visit me at my blog, Tickell Expressions.