Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fun With Fleece

I spent a couple of evenings making scarves I've seen on the internet. This one is made up of circles. I cut all of my circles on the AccuCut machine at work. That saved me tons of time. Like 72 circles worth of time! Each "puff" is made up of 8 circles. (see picture at left) I sewed 9 "puffs" together to make a short neck scarf to wear with my new red pea coat. Cute!

I spent 20 min. figuring out how to put the circles together. Lots of trial and error. Once I had that figured out, it took me less than an hour to finish. Cost: $2.98

Found a picture of this
scarf on the internet as well. Mine isn't as cute as the one shown. For one thing, my fleece is too heavy. Secondly, I am too much of a perfectionist to make the uneven big loopy ruffle the picture showed. Consequently, it's a little bulky. Unhappy with the ends, I took the very tiny scrap that was left and made it into ruffled borders. Kind of a nice touch. This also took about an hour and cost $2.98.
If you'd like more details, leave a comment or shoot me an email.
I have one more picture of a scarf I like. I'll try to get that one done soon.

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  1. Love them! I'll be anxious to see how the circles went together. Love the zebra print!