Friday, May 8, 2009

Tis the Season

Have you heard the rumble? The weather has warmed up and the motorcycles are out! They sound like bees in the distance. Last weekend my husband and I made the most of the warmer weather. On Saturday we attended the open house festivities sponsored by Hawkeye Harley in Coralville, IA. ( They had an awesome group (2 guys) performing! They did several Jimmy Buffet numbers and played some serious guitar and harmonica. Watch for Fry Daddies ( to play in your area. It was a little breezier than we expected, so we didn't ride too far from home.

On Sunday we hooked up with another couple and headed for The Chrome Horse in Cedar Rapids, IA. A totally cool biker bar that suffered terrible damage in the flood last summer, but has been restored and looks fantastic. The atmosphere and food are both outstanding. ( The horseshoe shaped bar adds an extra touch of class and uniqueness. Following lunch we decided it was too nice to go home, so we headed to Sutcliff, IA, home to a great little biker bar. There were plenty of bikes and bikers there. Most were sitting outside, enjoying the day. They have an interesting bridge in Sutcliffe. Unfortunately, the floods of last summer knocked out the first span, so you can no longer take your food and drinks out there to enjoy. Hopefully it will be restored.

It was an enjoyable day spent with friends. We were blessed by good weather and careful drivers.

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