Monday, March 16, 2009

Let's talk about clothing.....

I have some definite opinions about certain types of clothing. Working with the public, as I do, I see just about everything. Today's topic is flip-flops. Socks and flip-flops (or Birkenstocks!!) is not a good look. I don't understand why people need to wear them (flip-flops) in the winter. Where I live, winter involves snow, ice and below zero temperatures. Flip-flops are simply not appropriate. For those who wear them almost daily, I hope they realize what they are doing to their feet. if you're wearing a sweater and flip-flops, you're in the wrong shoes. Parents: If you're wearing shoes and socks because of the temperature, please don't let your children leave the house in flip-flops.

As long as I'm talking about shoes, I'd like to mention something else. Everyone needs to own a full length mirror. Seriously. If the hem of your pants is above your ankle bone, they are too short. Ladies, this applies mostly to you. They have "tall" lengths now. Read the tag.

And white socks do not go with everything. If I must see your socks, please make them match your pants.

(Please know that these are strickly my opinions and said mostly in fun. I have to write about something and this topic is easy. There will be more!)

So, have a laugh this week as you notice what's going on around the ankles of those you cross paths with.

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  1. Sooooo true! And how about the people that thnk that flip-flops or crocs are professional attire? Yup, got one working for me!!